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We run since 1996 to provide quick reliable and free units conversion service for everyone to use. Over 2,000 units in various converters, as common like inch to meter or as exotic like Roman numeral to Thai number are all instantly available to you. Try it!

Who created such a mess with various units and measures?

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Don't miss special conversions that can be extremely helpful:

  • Cooking recipe conversion is unique. It allows you instantly convert recipe values from weight to volume units for over 100 various ingredients.
  • Weight to Volume conversion gives you the same option for a long list of various substances
  • Fuel economy section would be interesting for those comparing imported car parameters. There you can easily find out which is better — 10 liters per 100 km or 20 miles per gallon.

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How to suggest other units and measurements?

We appreciate your suggestions. Unfortunately, we are not always able to find all conversion factors, especially for exotic units. If you know the conversion table or you can give us a web page where we can get the conversion chart, it would be the best option.

Please post your ideas to our Facebook page. By posting the suggestion you give us your permission to use all the information you provided on our site. Note that we cannot guarantee acceptance of your suggestion, we only promise it will be taken into consideration. We try our best to respond to all messages we receive, however it may take some time.