Convert Land (The American System (US Customary Units) And British Imperial Measures) to Hu (忽) (Chinese Units Of 1930)

This converter features contemporary units of length. There is also a special converter for historical units of length you might want to visit for ancient, medieval and other old units that are no longer used.
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The American System (US Customary Units) and British Imperial Measures
hu (忽)
Chinese units of 1930

This page features online conversion from land to hu (忽). These units belong to different measurement systems. The first one is from The American System (US Customary Units) And British Imperial Measures. The second one is from Chinese Units Of 1930.

If you need to convert land to another compatible unit, please pick the one you need on the page below. You can also switch to the converter for hu (忽) to land.

Other Units the Values Above Are Equal To

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land to kilometer (km)
land to meter (m)
land to decimeter (dm)
land to centimeter (cm)
land to millimeter (mm)
land to micrometre (micron)
land to nanometer (nm)
land to ångström
Units: kilometer (km)  / meter (m)  / decimeter (dm)  / centimeter (cm)  / millimeter (mm)  / micrometre (micron)  / nanometer (nm)  / ångström
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The American System (US Customary Units) and British Imperial Measures

American weights and measures are based on units used in Britain prior to 1826, when imperial system was officially established. Until 1960-1963 American and British units of length were different in 2 parts per million. In the middle of 20th century it started causing problems and the governments of the two countries agreed to refine the measures to exactly match. Since then Great Britain and the United States were using the same measures of length. In the U.S. the old standard of foot was retained with the name US survey foot.

From 1995 the UK adopted metric units for general use. The only imperial measures of length that can be officially used now are miles, yards, feet and inches for road traffic signs.

land to league
land to mile (mi)
land to land
land to furlong
land to bolt
land to chain
land to pole
land to rod (rd)
land to perch
land to yard (yd)
land to feet and inches (x'y")
land to span
land to hand
land to inch (in)
land to line
land to mil
land to microinch
Units: league  / mile (mi)  / land  / furlong  / bolt  / chain  / pole  / rod (rd)  / perch  / yard (yd)  / foot (ft)  / feet and inches (x'y")  / span  / hand  / inch (in)  / line  / mil  / microinch
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British Imperial Measure before 1963

The first English official measurement standards were defined in 15th century. British system of units, known as imperial units, was established in 1824. The British Weights and Meausurements Act of 1824 repealed all existing British measures legislation and redefined existing units. The 1963 Weights and Measures Act standartized the international measures.
land to league
land to mile (mi)
land to land
land to skein
land to bolt
land to shackle
land to furlong
land to chain
land to rope
land to pole
land to goad
land to ell
land to yard (yd)
land to pace
land to cubit (cu)
land to foot (ft)
land to span (sp)
land to nail
land to shaftment
land to hand (hd)
land to palm (plm)
land to inch (in)
land to finger
land to digit
land to barleycorn
land to poppyseed
land to line
land to button
land to caliber
land to thou (th)
land to mil
Units: league  / mile (mi)  / land  / skein  / bolt  / shackle  / furlong  / chain  / rope  / pole  / goad  / ell  / yard (yd)  / pace  / cubit (cu)  / foot (ft)  / span (sp)  / nail  / shaftment  / hand (hd)  / palm (plm)  / inch (in)  / finger  / digit  / barleycorn  / poppyseed  / line  / button  / caliber  / thou (th)  / mil
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US Surveyors' Measure

land to furlong
land to Ramsden's (engineers') chain (ch)
land to Gunter's (surveyors') chain (ch)
land to Gurley's chain (ch)
land to Gunter's (surveyors') pole
land to Gunter's (surveyors') yard
land to Gunter's (surveyors') foot (ft)
Units: furlong  / Ramsden's (engineers') chain (ch)  / Gunter's (surveyors') chain (ch)  / Gurley's chain (ch)  / Gunter's (surveyors') pole  / Gunter's (surveyors') yard  / Ramsden's (engineers') link  / Gunter's (surveyors') link  / Gurley's link  / Gunter's (surveyors') foot (ft)
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International Nautical Measure

The international nautical mile was defined by the First International Extraordinary Hydrographic Conference, Monaco in 1929. This is the only definition in widespread current use, and is the one accepted by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures. Before 1929 different countries had different definitions, and the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom and the United States did not immediately accept the international value.
land to nautical league (naut.leag)
land to nautical mile (naut.mi)
land to cable length (cbl)
land to fathom (fath)
Units: nautical league (naut.leag)  / nautical mile (naut.mi)  / cable length (cbl)  / fathom (fath)
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US Nautical Measure

These measures were abandoned in favor of the international nautical measures in 1954.
land to US nautical mile
land to US fathom (fath)
Units: US nautical mile  / US cable length  / US fathom (fath)
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British (Imperial) Nautical Measure

These measures were abandoned in favor of the international nautical measures in 1970.
land to Admiralty mile
land to Admiralty cable length
Units: Admiralty mile  / Admiralty cable length
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Spanish Customary Units Still In Use Today

These units are still actively used in some countries of Latin America. Their values vary from country to country. You can find more old Spanish customary units on our historical lengths page.
land to cuadra of Argentina
land to cuadra of Bolivia
land to cuadra of Chile
land to cuadra of Colombia
land to cuadra of Ecuador
land to cuadra of Nicaragua
land to cuadra of Paraguay
land to cuadra of Uruguay
land to vara of Argentina
land to vara of Brazil
land to vara of Chile
land to vara of Colombia
land to vara of Costa Rica
land to vara of Cuba
land to vara of Dominican Republic
land to vara of Ecuador
land to vara of El Salvador
land to vara of Guatemala
land to vara of Honduras
land to vara of Mexico
land to vara of Nicaragua
land to vara of Panama
land to vara of Paraguay
land to vara of Peru (peruana)
land to vara of Peru (española)
land to vara of Uruguay
land to vara of São Tomé and Principe
land to vara of Venezuela
Units: cuadra of Argentina  / cuadra of Bolivia  / cuadra of Chile  / cuadra of Colombia  / cuadra of Ecuador  / cuadra of Nicaragua  / cuadra of Paraguay  / cuadra of Uruguay  / vara of Argentina  / vara of Brazil  / vara of Chile  / vara of Colombia  / vara of Costa Rica  / vara of Cuba  / vara of Dominican Republic  / vara of Ecuador  / vara of El Salvador  / vara of Guatemala  / vara of Honduras  / vara of Mexico  / vara of Nicaragua  / vara of Panama  / vara of Paraguay  / vara of Peru (peruana)  / vara of Peru (española)  / vara of Uruguay  / vara of São Tomé and Principe  / vara of Venezuela
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land to ri (里)
land to cho (町)
land to jo (丈)
land to hiro (尋)
land to ken (間)
land to shaku (尺)
land to sun (寸)
land to bu (分)
land to rin (厘)
land to mo (毛, 毫)
Units: ri (里)  / cho (町)  / jo (丈)  / hiro (尋)  / ken (間)  / shaku (尺)  / sun (寸)  / bu (分)  / rin (厘)  / mo (毛, 毫)
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Chinese units of 1930

land to li (市里)
land to yin (引)
land to zhang (市丈)
land to chi (市尺)
land to cun (市寸)
land to fen (市分)
land to li (釐 or 厘)
land to hao (毫)
land to si (丝)
land to hu (忽)
Units: li (市里)  / yin (引)  / zhang (市丈)  / chi (市尺)  / cun (市寸)  / fen (市分)  / li (釐 or 厘)  / hao (毫)  / si (丝)  / hu (忽)
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Chinese units of 1915

land to li (里)
land to yin (引)
land to zhang (丈)
land to bu (步)
land to chi (尺)
land to cun (寸)
land to fen (分)
land to li (釐 or 厘)
land to hao (毫)
land to si (丝)
land to hu (忽)
Units: li (里)  / yin (引)  / zhang (丈)  / bu (步)  / chi (尺)  / cun (寸)  / fen (分)  / li (釐 or 厘)  / hao (毫)  / si (丝)  / hu (忽)
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Hong Kong units

land to cek (尺)
land to tsun (寸)
land to fan (分)
Units: cek (尺)  / tsun (寸)  / fan (分)
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Thai units

Some of these units are still in use even though metric system was formally established in 1923. Before the metrication the old units were standartied to exact metric values.
land to yot (โยชน์, league)
land to sen (เส้น, rope)
land to wa (วา, fathom)
land to sok (ศอก, cubit)
land to khuep (คืบ, span)
land to nio (นิ้ว, finger)
land to krabiat (กระเบียด, quarter of a finger)
Units: yot (โยชน์, league)  / sen (เส้น, rope)  / wa (วา, fathom)  / sok (ศอก, cubit)  / khuep (คืบ, span)  / nio (นิ้ว, finger)  / krabiat (กระเบียด, quarter of a finger)
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land to dioptre (diopter)
Units: dioptre (diopter)
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Geographical (German)

land to geographical mile
Units: geographical mile
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Computer Equipment

A rack unit, U or RU is a unit of measure that describes the height of equipment designed to mount in a 19-inch rack or a 23-inch rack. The 19-inch (482.6 mm) or 23-inch (584.2 mm) dimension refers to the width of the equipment mounting frame in the rack including the frame; the width of the equipment that can be mounted inside the rack is less.
land to rack unit (U)
land to horizontal pitch (HP)
Units: rack unit (U)  / horizontal pitch (HP)
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Typographical (British and U.S. - ATA system)

land to pica
land to pica [PostScript]
land to point (pt)
land to point [PostScript] (pt)
land to pixel (px)
land to twip
Units: pica  / pica [PostScript]  / point (pt)  / point [PostScript] (pt)  / pixel (px)  / twip
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Typographical (Europe - Didot system)

land to cicero
land to point (pt)
Units: cicero  / point (pt)
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European footwear unit

land to Paris point
Units: Paris point
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land to red shift (z)
land to parsec (pc)
land to light year
land to astronomical unit (au)
land to light minute
land to light second
Units: red shift (z)  / parsec (pc)  / light year  / astronomical unit (au)  / light minute  / light second
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Grace Hopper's units of distance

Grace Hopper is famous for her nanoseconds visual aid. People used to ask her why satellite communication took so long. She started handing out pieces of wire that were just under one foot long (11.80 inches) — the distance that light travels in one nanosecond. She also passed out packets of pepper, calling the individual grains of ground pepper picoseconds. She also used these aids to illustrate why computers had to be small to be fast.
land to light microsecond
land to light nanosecond
land to light picosecond
Units: light microsecond  / light nanosecond  / light picosecond
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Natural units

In physics, natural units are physical units of measurement based only on universal physical constants. The origin of their definition comes only from properties of nature and not from any human construct.
land to Planck length (L)
Units: Planck length (L)

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