Convert Shock (Quantity Units) to One Seventh Or .142857 (1/7, Fractions)

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Quantity Units
one seventh or .142857 (1/7)

This page features online conversion from shock to one seventh or .142857. These units belong to different measurement systems. The first one is from Quantity Units. The second one is from Fractions.

If you need to convert shock to another compatible unit, please pick the one you need on the page below. You can also switch to the converter for one seventh or .142857 to shock.

Other Units the Values Above Are Equal To

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Quantity Units

shock to unit, point (1)
shock to pair, brace, yoke
shock to nest, hat trick
shock to half-dozen
shock to decade, dicker
shock to dozen
shock to baker's dozen
shock to score
shock to flock
shock to shock
shock to hundred
shock to great hundred
shock to gross
shock to thousand
shock to great gross
Units: unit, point (1)  / pair, brace, yoke  / nest, hat trick  / half-dozen  / decade, dicker  / dozen  / baker's dozen  / score  / flock  / shock  / hundred  / great hundred  / gross  / thousand  / great gross
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Percentages and Parts

shock to percent (%)
shock to permille (‰)
shock to parts per million (ppm)
shock to parts per billion (ppb)
Units: percent (%)  / permille (‰)  / parts per million (ppm)  / parts per billion (ppb)
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This section answers a question like "How many one sevenths are there in 1 half?". To get an answer enter 1 under half and see the result under 1/7. See if you can use this section to find out how many one-sixths are there in 15 one-nineths.
shock to half or .5 (1/2)
shock to one third or .(3) (1/3)
shock to quart, one forth or .25 (1/4)
shock to tithe, one fifth or .2 (1/5)
shock to one sixth or .1(6) (1/6)
shock to one seventh or .142857 (1/7)
shock to one eights or .125 (1/8)
shock to one ninth or .(1) (1/9)
shock to one tenth or .1 (1/10)
shock to one sixteenth or .0625 (1/16)
shock to one thirty-second or .03125 (1/32)
Units: half or .5 (1/2)  / one third or .(3) (1/3)  / quart, one forth or .25 (1/4)  / tithe, one fifth or .2 (1/5)  / one sixth or .1(6) (1/6)  / one seventh or .142857 (1/7)  / one eights or .125 (1/8)  / one ninth or .(1) (1/9)  / one tenth or .1 (1/10)  / one sixteenth or .0625 (1/16)  / one thirty-second or .03125 (1/32)
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Metric Prefixes

These prefixes are widely used in Metric System. They apply to any unit, so if you ever see, e.g. kiloapple, you know it's 1000 apples.
shock to yocto (y)
shock to zepto (z)
shock to atto (a)
shock to femto (f)
shock to pico (p)
shock to nano (n)
shock to micro (µ, mc)
shock to milli (m)
shock to centi (c)
shock to deci (d)
shock to deka (da)
shock to hecto (h)
shock to kilo (k)
shock to mega (M)
shock to giga (G)
shock to tera (T)
shock to peta (P)
shock to exa (E)
shock to zetta (Z)
shock to yotta (Y)
Units: yocto (y)  / zepto (z)  / atto (a)  / femto (f)  / pico (p)  / nano (n)  / micro (µ, mc)  / milli (m)  / centi (c)  / deci (d)  / deka (da)  / hecto (h)  / kilo (k)  / mega (M)  / giga (G)  / tera (T)  / peta (P)  / exa (E)  / zetta (Z)  / yotta (Y)
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Number of Performers

shock to solo
shock to duet
shock to trio
shock to quartet
shock to quintet
shock to sextet
shock to septet
shock to octet
Units: solo  / duet  / trio  / quartet  / quintet  / sextet  / septet  / octet

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