Convert Dhurra to Ralk , Indian Units (Akbar System)

This converter features contemporary units of weight. There is also a special converter for historical units of weight you might want to visit for ancient, medieval and other old units that are no longer used.
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Indian units (Akbar system)
Indian units (Akbar system)

This page features online conversion from dhurra to ralk. These units belong to the same measurement system: Indian Units (Akbar System).

If you need to convert dhurra to another compatible unit, please pick the one you need on the page below. You can also switch to the converter for ralk to dhurra.

Other Units the Values Above Are Equal To

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dhurra to kilotonne
dhurra to tonne
dhurra to kilonewton (on Earth surface) (kN)
dhurra to metric centner
dhurra to metric quintal
dhurra to kilogram (kg)
dhurra to newton (on Earth surface) (N)
dhurra to carat (ct)
dhurra to gram (g)
dhurra to centigram
dhurra to milligram (mg)
dhurra to microgram (mcg)
dhurra to atomic mass unit (amu)
Units: kilotonne  / tonne  / kilonewton (on Earth surface) (kN)  / metric centner  / metric quintal  / kilogram (kg)  / newton (on Earth surface) (N)  / carat (ct)  / gram (g)  / centigram  / milligram (mg)  / microgram (mcg)  / atomic mass unit (amu)
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Avoirdupois (U.S. / British)

dhurra to long ton (UK)
dhurra to short ton (US)
dhurra to kilopound, kip (mass)
dhurra to long hundredweight (UK)
dhurra to British centner
dhurra to short hundredweight (US)
dhurra to stone (st)
dhurra to stone, pounds, and ounces (X st Y lbs Z oz)
dhurra to pound (lb)
dhurra to ounce (oz)
dhurra to dram (dr)
dhurra to grain (gr)
Units: long ton (UK)  / short ton (US)  / kilopound, kip (mass)  / long hundredweight (UK)  / British centner  / short hundredweight (US)  / stone (st)  / stone, pounds, and ounces (X st Y lbs Z oz)  / pound (lb)  / ounce (oz)  / dram (dr)  / grain (gr)
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dhurra to pound
dhurra to ounce (ozt)
dhurra to pennyweight (dwt)
dhurra to carat
dhurra to grain
dhurra to mite
dhurra to doite
Units: pound  / ounce (ozt)  / pennyweight (dwt)  / carat  / grain  / mite  / doite
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The traditional English apothecaries' system was a subset of Roman weight system except that Roman libra (pound) was slightly lighter. In 1858 apothercaries' system was officially abolished in in the U.K. in favour of the standard Avoirdupois system. However, in the United States the apothecaries' system remained in use until 1971, when it was officially abolished in favor of the metric system.
dhurra to pound (℔, ″)
dhurra to ounce (℥)
dhurra to dram (drachm) (ʒ)
dhurra to scruple (℈)
dhurra to grain (gr)
Units: pound (℔, ″)  / ounce (℥)  / dram (drachm) (ʒ)  / scruple (℈)  / grain (gr)
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Natural units

In physics, natural units are physical units of measurement based only on universal physical constants. The origin of their definition comes only from properties of nature and not from any human construct.
dhurra to Planck mass (M)
Units: Planck mass (M)
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Indian units (Akbar system)

The first uniform system of units was introduced in India by the third imperor Akbar I in 16th century. Before him weights and measures varied from region to region. Unfortunately, the new measures did not replace all the previous ones, they just added another system.

Akbar system of units was based on barley corn (Jau) for both weigth and length. It was widely used in India until adoption of the metric system in 1958. The weight units were slightly altered in 1833 to align with the British system. Here we provide conversion for the units after this change.

dhurra to candy
dhurra to maund
dhurra to dhurra
dhurra to ralk
dhurra to sèr
dhurra to powa
dhurra to chittak
dhurra to parah
dhurra to tank
dhurra to tolä
dhurra to māshā
dhurra to rattī
Units: candy  / maund  / dhurra  / ralk  / sèr  / powa  / chittak  / parah  / tank  / tolä  / māshā  / rattī
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dhurra to kan, kanme (貫, 貫目)
dhurra to kin (斤)
dhurra to hyakume (百目)
dhurra to monnme (匁)
dhurra to fun (分)
Units: kan, kanme (貫, 貫目)  / kin (斤)  / hyakume (百目)  / monnme (匁)  / fun (分)
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Chinese units since 1959

dhurra to dan (市担 / 擔)
dhurra to jin (市斤)
dhurra to liang (市两)
dhurra to qian (市钱)
dhurra to fen (市分)
dhurra to li (市厘)
dhurra to hao (毫)
dhurra to si (絲)
dhurra to hu (忽)
Units: dan (市担 / 擔)  / jin (市斤)  / liang (市两)  / qian (市钱)  / fen (市分)  / li (市厘)  / hao (毫)  / si (絲)  / hu (忽)
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Chinese units between 1930 and 1959

dhurra to dan (擔 / 担)
dhurra to jin (市斤)
dhurra to liang (市兩)
dhurra to qian (市錢)
dhurra to fen (市分)
dhurra to li (市釐)
dhurra to hao (毫)
dhurra to si (絲)
Units: dan (擔 / 担)  / jin (市斤)  / liang (市兩)  / qian (市錢)  / fen (市分)  / li (市釐)  / hao (毫)  / si (絲)
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Chinese units of 1915 before 1930

dhurra to jin (斤)
dhurra to liang (兩)
dhurra to qian (錢)
dhurra to fen (分)
dhurra to li (釐)
dhurra to hao (毫)
Units: jin (斤)  / liang (兩)  / qian (錢)  / fen (分)  / li (釐)  / hao (毫)
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Thai units

Some of these units are still in use even though metric system was formally established in 1923. Before the metrication the old units were standartied to exact metric values. The baht (current Thai currency) originated as a corresponding measure of silver. The smaller units in this section were corresponding silver coins.
dhurra to hap (หาบ)
dhurra to chang (ชั่ง)
dhurra to tamlueng (ตำลึง)
dhurra to baht (บาท)
dhurra to baht in gold trading
dhurra to mayon/mayong (มายน/มะยง)
dhurra to salueng (สลึง)
dhurra to fueang (เฟื้อง)
dhurra to seek (ซีก)
dhurra to siao/pai (เสี้ยว/ไพ)
dhurra to ath (อัฐ)
dhurra to solos (โสฬส)
dhurra to bia (เบี้ย)
Units: hap (หาบ)  / chang (ชั่ง)  / tamlueng (ตำลึง)  / baht (บาท)  / baht in gold trading  / mayon/mayong (มายน/มะยง)  / salueng (สลึง)  / fueang (เฟื้อง)  / seek (ซีก)  / siao/pai (เสี้ยว/ไพ)  / ath (อัฐ)  / solos (โสฬส)  / bia (เบี้ย)
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Hong Kong

dhurra to picul (tam)
dhurra to catty (kan)
dhurra to tael (leung)
dhurra to mace (tsin)
dhurra to candareen (fan)
dhurra to tael troy
dhurra to mace troy
dhurra to candareen troy
Units: picul (tam)  / catty (kan)  / tael (leung)  / mace (tsin)  / candareen (fan)  / tael troy  / mace troy  / candareen troy

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